Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment Center & Clinic in North Mississippi

Millcreek of Pontotoc Treatment Center is a residential behavioral health clinic for children, teens, and young adults in northern Mississippi. Our dedicated, experienced staff provides individualized treatment to help young people lead healthier, more productive lives.

In order to provide comprehensive care for as many children and teens as possible, Millcreek of Pontotoc, a behavioral disorders treatment clinic in North Mississippi, offers specialized treatment options for a number of different disorders. Remaining sensitive to the many needs that may plague children and teens as they go through the various stages of development, the caring and compassionate staff at the treatment center at Millcreek of Pontotoc goes to great lengths to ensure that each patient’s needs are fully attended to.

Through individualized treatment planning, our treatment center’s highly trained and qualified staff at Millcreek of Pontotoc tailors treatment options for many mental health conditions and co-occurring disorders, including the following:

  • Adjustment disorder
  • Attachment disorder
  • Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Self-harm
  • Suicidal ideation

By offering our clinic’s treatment team approach to care, our treatment center develops comprehensive treatment plans that are implemented by psychiatrists, clinical therapists, nurses, teachers, and other healthcare professionals. Using a variety of therapeutic interventions, all of the patients who receive care at our treatment clinic in North Mississippi are afforded the opportunity to confront their challenges, learn how to cope with and manage their symptoms, and develop the skills needed to have happy, successful futures. At Millcreek of Pontotoc, our treatment center is dedicated to helping children and teens lead healthier, more productive lives. Through the identification of each patient’s unique developmental, emotional, and educational needs, each and every child or teen is given the chance for a brighter future.

If your child or teen is struggling with mental health concerns, look no further than the behavioral disorders treatment center at Millcreek of Pontotoc. We will do all that we can to rebuild your child’s or teen’s self-confidence, heighten their sense of self-worth, and provide them with feelings of empowerment over their future.

I feel so much happier and healthier after getting help at Millcreek of Pontotoc.

– A former patient