Professional Referrals

Millcreek of Pontotoc values the relationships we have with other professionals, agencies, service providers, and community resources. For this reason, we accept referrals from these entities and put forth every effort to make sure potential patients are linked to and receive the most appropriate and effective care that will meet their needs.

If you wish to make a referral, you, as the professional, can contact us to inquire about the services offered at Millcreek of Pontotoc and learn about the admission process at our center.

Appropriate referrals to Millcreek of Pontotoc’s Psychiatric Residential Treatment include the following:

  • Be between the ages of 6 and 21
  • Possess a primary psychiatric diagnosis
  • Be enrolled in school or eligible for GED services
  • Must have a history of successful treatment in an outpatient setting
  • Must have a history of acute psychiatric services
  • Must have had a psychiatric evaluation with a recommendation for residential care completed within 60 days of admission to Millcreek of Pontotoc

For referrals to our Day Treatment Programs, potential patients must:

  • Be between the ages of 6 and 21
  • Be enrolled in school or eligible for GED services
  • Have a Special Education ruling
  • Have an IEP that recommends day treatment as the least restrictive environment for learning
  • Have a completed educable child application for the Department of Education

Once a referral is made, potential patients can be screened by our admission staff. If the needs of the youth requiring services care be appropriately cared for through one of the programs at Millcreek of Pontotoc, the process of admission can commence immediately.

Very happy with the treatment our son received at Millcreek of Pontotoc. It was hard feeling helpless in helping him but we knew it was the best thing for his health.

– Sam N.